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  Nesting Birds the complete list of all nesting birds over the world .... and next birth previsions
GMT +1/+2 Blue Tit live from 1.30 pm to night
GMT +1/+2 Europarot One of the largest aviaries in Europe. More than 200 cameras combined. Hand-feeding baby parrots, nest boxes, big macaws and much more - Spain
GMT - 5 QuetzalCam! nesting april 21th on the cloud forests of Monteverde - Costa Rica
GMT -5/-4 Butterfly American Museum of Natural History in New York - 10:00am to 10:00pm - movie clips with Quicktime
GMT -5/-4 The Parots Macadamia et Boko
GMT +1/+2 Chickens many babies in the Netherlands
GMT -5/-4 Feeder Cam the Backyard Birdfeeding in Indianapolis
GMT -5/-4 Bird feeder in Blowing Roch - North Carolina
GMT -5/-4 Finch nest in a rose bush in Chapel Hill - North Carolina - to
GMT -6/-5 Parrots an African Grey Parot and a Catalina Macaw in Houston - Texas - to


GMT -6 Colibri dinto the Cloud Forests of Monteverde - Costa Rica - Quetzal
GMT -7/-6 Elkstreet Dot view of a bird Feeder in Elkstreet - Colorado
GMT -8/-7 BirdCam Migratory Ocean Bird Sanctuary - Victoria, BC
GMT -8/-7 BirdCam views a bird feeder located on the edge of Seattle's Carkeek Park. Carkeek Park supports a wide variety of bird species in its 223 acres of mixed deciduous and coniferous forest, streams, wetlands, and saltwater beach. State of Washington
GMT -8/-7 James Reserve multiple views of Feeding station, artificial roosting and nesting boxes situated in Idyllwild - California


GMT -5/-4 Ants near Washington D.C. Click on"Ant Movie" to see the video
GMT -5/-4 AntCam 2 wonderfull live pictures
GMT 0/+1 Ant Cam in Bristol - England
GMT -5/-4 Butterflies ¤ Butterfly gallery in Sciences Nord in Ontario. Click on small butterfly to control the camera
GMT -5/-4 MicroTheater  the National Washington Zoo’s Invertebrate Exhibit introduces organisms too small to see without the aid of a microscope.  Invertebrates are incredible! Look for a live image from 10am to 4:15pm EST.
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